Survival Skills – 5 Ways To Make Fire And 1 Fire Myth Debunked

9 May

The benefits of creating fire in a survival situation cannot be underestimated. Whether it’s cooking, warmth or story telling, fire is life. Even in a camp setting a simple fire is more addictive than watching TV. 

Here’s a few different ways to get a fire going and 1 popular fire creating myth debunked!

1. Going old school

Without a doubt the most common way to start fire is by using matches or a lighter. You can get waterproof and windproof matches, I even found one type of match that will burn underwater that’s just crazy cool. Lighters of course can start thousands of fires and are a generally easy to come by. A light is a core component of any survival kit.

2. Going cave man style

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have anything other than bush i’m afraid you’re going to have to go Cave Man style. This means creating friction by rubbing sticks together. There are heaps of methods for this and no doubt if you’ve ever tried it, you know it’s a total PIA. Avoid this it’s really the last resort.  

3. What if it’s wet, what if i’m wet?

This is where a bit of thought and equipment can save the day. Wet things don’t tend to burn well so you’ll need to hunt around your landscape for something dry. Your environment will ultimately drive your success here, however you can help things a long a bit with the right equipment. Things like fire lighters, and “wet fire” which is a type of special tinder can sustain a flame when wet, this could be enough to get stubborn tinder to burn. Once you have a small fire you can immediately start drying wood. 

4. Being resourceful

In an urban survival situation a number a things like car batteries and pieces of glass can all be utilised to make fire. 

5. Fire lighters

Survival kits come with either a magnesium or ferrocerium fire starters. Both of these type of fire starters are 100% waterproof, will light thousands of fires, and burns a lot hotter than matches. Both have the to give off a large number of hot sparks at temperatures at 3,000 °F. These are a must have for any survival backpack.

Fire Myth – The Ice Lens Method

Some people say you can start a fire with ice. The scientific theory is that ice can be shaped to focus the sun into a point much like a magnifying glass. This is not a practical solution. Technically it might be possible however in any environment let alone a cold one all you end up doing is wasting time and energy. Go ahead a have a shot yourself!

Who worte this?

Justin is a Survival Enthusiast who loves camping, the outdoors, gadgets and being prepared. Justin runs a site that site that covers popular survival topics like emergency food storage and survival backpacks.


Article: Don’t re-invent the Wheel

5 May

Hey guys here’s a awesome article about how prepping on the cheap doesn’t mean missing out.  There are some excellent tips in here especially in this tuff economic climate.

CheckoutDon’t re-invent the Wheel

Every day I read Prepper lists of things you must have, need to get, should already have, etc., etc. It can be very overwhelming, especially if you are just starting out and don’t have a ton of money to invest.

But what if you already have 50% of the things on the list, and are just overlooking them? The popular saying is, “think outside the box”. But I say, LOOK IN THE BOX FIRST. See what you already have that can make due and work with just some minor changes, to build from there.

Here are a few ideas to get you in the right direction. Now start thinking CHEAP, with minor add-on’s to things you already own or have access to.

Keeping you informed with the latest survival news, kit and hacks.

Justin (prepping as we speak)

Article: It’s the End of the World as This Concept Art Knows it

5 May

This is just awesome. Some people are really talented. 

It’s the End of the World as This Concept Art Knows it

Ioan Dumitrescu is a Romanian concept artist who does mostly freelance work in the video game industry. While you’ve likely never played some of the games he’s worked on, like World of Mercenaries, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying some of his amazing artwork.

Keeping you informed with the latest survival news, kit and hacks.

Justin (prepping as we speak)

Freeze Dried Foods – The Perfect Addition To Your Survival Backpack

24 Apr

While originally developed to avoid having to refrigerate food, one of the main advantages with  freeze-dried food is of course the weight or the lack there of. This is why this type of food packaging and transportation was further developed for space and adventure travel. 

Long Term

Those two qualities alone would are an excellent advantage for a food preparation, however, there is another obvious advantage for survivalists. Longevity. Freeze dried food can be stored for over 30 years and remain completely unspoiled. Not only is the nutrient value high but the food also retains it’s texture, smell and taste.


The food is first frozen, then it’s put it into a low pressure chamber where it is heated in order to allow the water to become a gas. The food is then frozen again, this allows pockets within the food to form, these pockets allow the expansion when it’s rehydrated. Freeze dried foods packaged for survival also have an enamel coating surrounding the can so that the atmosphere cannot penetrate the product.



The best place to store the food is in a cool dry place. Go for places like basements, storage rooms, cold storage, pantries, and even closets. Try to find a place where the temperature will not change too much. 


The perfect place to keep packets of freeze dried food is in your survival backpack. Backpackers  and hikers have already been using the type of food for many years so there is an incredible choice available.

Don’t forget the animals

Preparing yourself for an extended emergency period should also include preparing any pets you have. Freeze dried dog food is now available in a variety natural foods so that you can have food for your pet throughout the emergency

Due to it’s weight, long shelf life and freeze dried food product are extremely popular with survivalists. Why not stock your survival backpack with freeze dried foods.


3 Possible Apocalypse Scenarios And Ideas On How To Survive Them

18 Apr

By looking at the state of the global economy you can probably guess this is one of the most likely scenarios to cause the apocalypse. The same economic trends are occurring all around the world and it does not look like any government or “institution” can do anything about it try as they might.

What could happen?

Total economic collapse is when the banks run out of money, the government runs out of money and the collapse of a major economic and financial systems causes a world wide chain reaction. Prices of goods and services run away, people can no longer afford to basic needs. 

Preparation ideas

Think ahead and make sure you can be self sufficient for as long as possible. 

  • Store water and food 
  • keeping cash on hand for the initial phases (it will be useless later on)
  • Keep items that have trade value like toilet paper, shampoo, canned goods and alcohol
  • Have a plan for where to escape

Scenario 2 – Another World War


With trigger happy dictators, and the wide spread distribution of terror networks with access to devastating weapons global war is a real possibility.

What could happen?

Modern war will involve the use an electromagnetic pulse technology to wipe out enemy communications and technological infrastructure. In the collateral damage people will be left with no technology. As you can expect this will cause widespread panic and a rush for supplies. People will panic as the technology they rely on to survive is gone.

Preparation ideas

War is completely beyond your control. First you need to be one of the lucky few that were in the right place and right time.

  • Store water and food
  • Understand the effects of no technology and plan accordingly to live off the grid without electricity, food, running water and modern services

Scenario 3 – Natural Catastrophic Disasters


Natural disasters have occurred many times in the past and will continue into the future. Things like massive solar flares, volcanoes, earthquakes.

What could happen?

People will instantly begin to struggle for resources.  Imagine looting, rioting and acquisition and hoarding of basic resources. It’s already happened time and time again.

Preparation ideas

  • Good luck. First you need to be one of the lucky few that were in the right place and right time.
  • Horde food and water, for any disaster this is critical for you to get your bearing.
  • Figure out what the most significant environmental risk to your area is and prepare for it specifically.
  • Have a bug out evacuation route for you and your family to meet.




A disaster situation can strike anytime and if you want to get through it you need to be prepared and there’s no better way to be prepared than to practice.


Justin is a Survival Enthusiast who loves camping, the outdoors, gadgets and being prepared. Justin runs a site that covers popular survival topics like emergency food storage and survival backpacks.


Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – It’s Fun But There’s A Serious Side

13 Apr

Ok, shows like the brilliant Walking Dead and 28 days later have us all on edge. When do we expect the horde of undead to destroy life as we know it? 

Science fiction or not, surviving an army of undead requires knowledge, preparation and skills.  If you aren’t one of the first to be “converted” then this article could just save your life!

Self Assessment

If you’re looking at a zombie right now, it’s probably too late, i’d stop reading and deal with the issue at hand. If however, if you think your neighbourhood is under attack, or you’re just hearing about events on the news, then you might have chance to see this out. 


First things first, weapons. While “Movies” would have us armed with assault rifles this is an unlikely scenario, 1 you probably don’t have an M16 lying around and 2, you’ll eventually run out of ammo depending on the horde size. Based on “popular” theory, the best bet is to use a blunt weapon like a baseball bat, solid wood beam, golf club or cross bow (careful with the ammo here as well). This will get you started until you can build a tribe or team up with others. Guns are best, however they require perfect aim and boat loads of ammo to survive. 

Stay or go policy

This is a key zombie tactical decision. Stay and fortify your home or, go and take your chances out in the wild. This depends entirely on you evaluation of the situation and skill set and the size of the group with you right now. Again, “popular” thought is that you should clear out of the city and head towards a structure that can be defended like a country based military base or similar. However, this will require preparation and pure survival skill.

Survival Backpack

There are a few essential items you should have pre packed into a medium sized backpack. Items include torch, a portable radio, a machete, water, a sleeping bag, a compass, rope, jacket, first aid kit, matches and food. By having all this pre packed you’ll be able to “bug out” without having to run around in a panic trying to gather everything up. 

Ideally you’ll also have something like this ready to go!!!


Gerber Apocalypse Kit

A serious note….

While it’s fun to write about the coming Zombie Apocalypse, survival preparation has a serious side.

Downward pricing trends and weak economies are the best time to start start stocking up on the critical items your family needs. By recognising a disaster could strike at any time and taking advantage of the current economic times you can build up an emergency supply at a reasonable price.

The security of being prepared with a plan and some basic supplies cannot be under estimated, it’s cheap and easy.

Article By Justin.

Justin is a Survival Enthusiast who loves camping, the outdoors, gadgets and being prepared. Justin runs a site that covers popular survival topics like emergency food storage and survival backpacks.


Article: Home Invasion Prevention – Prevent yourself from becoming the next victim.

9 Apr

Found this great article about survival of a different kind.  Survival is just as important in the home as out of it. This article talks about home security and how prevent yourself from becoming a victim.  Great read. 

Home Invasion Prevention – Prevent yourself from becoming the next victim.

According to the F.B.I. one in five homes in America will experience a home invasion or break-in. Do you have the necessary skills, training and weapons to protect yourself and your home? Can you calm yourself down fast enough to react in away that will ensure a favorable outcome?

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